Madura Veeran – Review (4.5/10)

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Direction : P.G.Muthiah
Production : V Studios and PG Media Works
Starring : Shanmuga Pandian, Samuthirakani, Meenakshi, ‘VELA’ Ramamoorthy, ‘MIME’ Gopi
Music : Santhosh Dhayanithi
Cinematography : P. G. Muthiah

So much of affinity towards Jallikkattu could be found among certain filmmakers, producers and actors, where they tried to encash at least with the first look posters. Madura Veeran gave us a similar perspective assumption while looking into the first look posters, but the team assured of bringing a complete film about the premise of Jallikkattu. The film features Vijayakanth’s son Shamuga Pandian and Meenakshi in lead roles with Samuthirakani, PL Thenappan, Maarimuthu, Vela Ramamoorthy and Mime Gopi in important roles.


After his father (Samuthirakani) bring murdered mysteriously, Shanmuga Pandian left his village with his mother to Malaysia. After 20 years, he comes back to village for his marriage, but his real motives are to bring back Jallikattu that was banned before 20 years in and around his villages due to communal clashes. On the other hand, he uses cloak and dagger method to find out the real murderer of his father.


As abovementioned, Jallikattu became an overnight affinity for many directors and actors, who merely used it for the sake of publicity in many movies. But instead of clinging to such factors, PG Muthaiah has scripted Madura Veeran with a complete adherence to Jallikattu. The communal clashes among the villages laced with flashback sequences and in current with the protagonist’s attempt to unify everyone have been narrated with efficient work. The running length being 2 hrs works out things in better way. But sometimes, in few places, we feel that PG Muthaiah could have included some family oriented scenes and even some additional scenes involving Shanmuga Pandian and Meenakshi. Throughout the film, we get to see that the complete focus is upon ‘Jallikattu’ alone. It would have been a better version without bringing in certain issues that involved even Marina protest. Just the issues and finding the mystery behind father’s murder would have more than enough to keep the audiences engrossed. Musical score by Santhosh Dayanidhi is appreciable, especially in his background score. Cinematography is a real bliss to this film, which is groovy with the rural backdrops.


Couple of things has to be mentioned about Shanmuga Pandian in this film. He is just brilliant in the action sequences. He has worked a lot with nuance in getting the things right over action sequences. But he has to work a lot upon his physique too and try to be more expressive. Meenakshi has delivered what is demanded by her role. Samuthirakani is the real showstopper in this film, where he gets to score maximum in many places. Mime Gopi and Vel Ramamoorthy along with Maarimuthu have their portions done with justification. PL Thenappan on his part is worthy of appreciations. But the only disappointing this is the comedy tracks attempted by Bala Saravanan as it doesn’t work out anywhere.

What works?

1. Action Sequences
2. cinematography
3. Background score

What doesn’t work?

1. Lack of commercial elements
2. The basic plot, which is stereotypical

On the whole..

Madura Veeran would have been better from what it is now if it was crafted with few more family elements and raciness.

Verdict: Not completely justifying to the title, but okay with its engagement

Rating: 4.5/10

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