Kanaa Movie Review – Aishwarya rajesh – Arun raja – Arunraja Kamaraj

Kanaa Movie Review - Aishwarya rajesh - Arun raja - Arunraja Kamaraj -tamil-cine-stars-review
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Production: Sivakarthikeyan Productions
Cast: Aishwarya Rajesh, Sathyaraj
Direction: Arunraja Kamaraj
Cinematography: Dinesh Krishnan
Editing: Ruban

Kanaa Movie Core:

The daughter of a farmer aims to become an international cricketer, so that she can put a smile on her cricket-loving father’s face by helping the country win.

Kanaa, starring Sathyaraj, Aishwarya Rajesh, Darshan in the lead roles is Sivakarthikeyan’s first movie as a producer, who has also done an extended cameo role in the film. Lyricist/Singer Arunraja Kamaraj has donned the director’s hat for the first time. The Technical team comprises Dhibu Ninan Thomas (Music), Dinesh Krishnan (Cinematography), and Ruben (Editing) for this sports drama.


Kanaa Movie Analysis:

As the name recommends, Kanaa is about dreams. Dreams of Kousalya (Aishwarya Rajesh), Murugesan (Sathyaraj), Nelson Dhilipkumar (Sivakarthikeyan) and others. How they accomplish it is the essence of the story. Does the film accomplish what it embarks to do? Peruse further to know.

Arunraja Kamaraj, the executive has made an amazing presentation with Kanaa. Appropriate from the throwing, he has made a stamp. Aishwarya Rajesh as Kousalya is a masterstroke. She scores well in both the passionate scenes and additionally the cricketing scenes. The exertion put in by her to learn cricket and depict this job interprets well on screen. There are minor blemishes without a doubt. Be that as it may, it is those defects that make her character look finish. This is another plume to her top after a string of splendid exhibitions lately.

Sathyaraj, Darshan, Munishkanth and other supporting on-screen characters also awe with effective exhibitions. In any case, it is Sivakarthikeyan’s enchantment that pulls the floor covering under our feet. The purpose of his entrance gives the truly necessary vitality to the crowd and the film never thinks back consequently. The force goes up in each scene from there on and it completes on a high note.

Dhibu Ninan Thomas as the music executive scores extremely well with the melodies. A couple of segments in the film could have been left quietly so as to make a greater effect. Notwithstanding, we can’t whine about his work. Dinesh Krishnan’s casings look dazzling and his use of daylight in the shots including Sathyaraj is astute. His selection of hues adds warmth to the film.

Kanaa sees Aishwarya Rajesh depicting the job of a cricketer; Sathyaraj, an agriculturist; and Sivakarthikeyan, a cricket mentor. The 3 characters have their own sub-plots and the manner in which the chief has attracted parallels to all the 3 stories is something to be cheered. His composition and the bundling of the story is phenomenal. Delineating the genuine issues that a female sportsperson faces, for example, the ones identified with the menstrual cycle and weight from the general public demonstrates the development of the executive.

The main downside is the consistency of the story. For quite a while, each game dramatization film we see fits into a layout. Shockingly, this one also appears to be comparative, yet there is a little curve in the peak and the film could have finished just before that to maintain a strategic distance from some old hat considerations as the film has just passed on what it needed to state.

In any case, watch this to see the ‘Kanaa’ of such a significant number of individuals become animated. The motion picture has a great deal of rousing parts. The accomplishment of this film lies in the way that it will make you consider your fantasy, and persuade you to progress in the direction of it.

Final Verdict: Kanaa is a well-made enthusiastic and engaging sports film featuring different issues in the general public. Pull out all the stops.Go for it.

Review: 3.75 / 5.0 

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