Kanchana 3 Movie Review – raghava lawrence – oviya helen – nikki tamboli – vedhika

Kanchana 3 Movie Review - raghava lawrence - oviya helen - nikki tamboli - vedhika-tamil cine stars
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Kanchana 3 Movie Core:

A young man who is getting easily scared & possessed by a ghost that is seeking for revenge of death.

Kanchana 3 Movie Analysis:

While there have been Kannada revamps of the Tamil Kanchana sequels, the third portion of the film has discharged in Kannada as a named form. Kanchana 3 gives gatherings of people what they expect – a man who gets frightened effectively, his blundering, however great hearted family, an apparition that wants to scare them, tantrics, a wistful backstory and vengeance. Lamentably, since this has been done as such many occasions over, the recipe has turned out to be to some degree stale at this point.

Horror Humor has been this present establishment’s calling card, and regardless of being over the top and noisy, scenes in the past movies were all the more entertaining. In this film, everything appears to feel redundant (there are not one, yet five cases of a similar bounce alarm situation, which just demonstrates an absence of creative ability). Additionally, things in this film appear to be considerably increasingly childish, and the entertainers appear to understand this and essentially money in their checks.

This film’s intended interest group involves children’s additionally, so the cast involving the three female leads is to better could be avoided or the cleavage sequences could be trimmed.

As-usual, Raghava lawrence dones his character with perfect ease. Kovai sarala & Devadarshini performs the same usual character, Soori cames in an extended cameo, Three lovely hot heroines in the movie will attract adults to watch the movie also. Seems like the debutante in tamil industry nikki tamboli is got a perfect seducing role and youths will like her to see in the upcoming movies. Vedhika is back with a bang with extra glamarous. Asusual oviya is gorgeous and seems like having limited scope to perform.

BGM could have been better, songs like Nanbanukku Koila Kattu is gud to hear in gaana style. Oru Sattai Oru Balpam is an visual glamorous treat.

Inspite all this, the film attempts to go off as one that is socially mindful. The franchise has previously empowered the marginalized, like transgenders and the differently-abled peoples with the backstory. But in this installment, there seems to be exploitation of the underprivileged people’s to boost the lead’s image. In the previous sequels, apart from lead actor playing sympathetic role, but in this part, the lead himself chooses to play as saviour, which confirms our suspicion.

Go and watch out in theaters have fun

Rating: 2.5/5

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