Kolaigaran Movie Review – Gripping Seated Edge Thriller – Vijay antony-Arjun-Ashima-directed by Andrew louis

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Kolaigaran Core Story:

It’s a story about a murder in which the identity of the murderer is not revealed until the end.

Kolaigaran Movie Analysis:

Andrew Louis’ Kolaigaran begins as an whodunit spine chiller. A homicide happens, the unfortunate casualty’s face is seen plainly, her throat is cut and blood splatters. We understand what we are set for. Yet, one thing that is difficult to understand is the irregularities in uncovering data about the wrongdoing. A couple of subtle look pointless, while some look power fitted to conceal the unexpected surprise. Despite this, the film can possibly turn into a decent spine chiller.

From the beginning, the movie keeps providing some hints that Prabhakaran (Vijay Antony) is a killer. His character has certain idiosyncrasies like closely watching Dharani (Ashima Narwal) wherever she goes. He acts well in the serious scenes, however with regards to romantic portions, there is a certain sense of uneasiness due to absence in chemistry.

Arjun, then again, plays Inspector Karthikeyan with most extreme nuance and conviction. Despite the fact that his role helps you to remember a great deal of his prior ones, it provides enough capability. The scenes among Karthikeyan and Prabhakaran are radiantly supplemented by Simon K King’s experience background score. It adds a feeling of spookiness, in the meantime keeps us on the edge of the seat. Nasser’s role adds more flavor to the investigation, and his point of view sort of reverberates with our viewpoint, increasing the connect with the story. Ashima narwal is looking good, though she has few scenes to act she does the role with ease, she doesn’t look likes an debutante and looking gorgeous in songs.

In specialized viewpoints division, The cinematographer playing with the lights look energizing in specific portions, yet the equivalent can’t be said of the selection of colours. The desaturated tone utilized in the successions inside a house did not fit the scheme of things, in the meantime it isn’t totally awful.

The first half moves at a typical pace (second song could have been trimmed ) and didn’t have the punch that a whodunit requires. Since there are not very many suspects, it is quite easy to guess the killer. Subsequently, when the film uncovers a shock during the interval block, it is not that excessively successful. From a whodunit, the film gradually moves center to why the homicides occurred, and that takes up the whole second half. An area of audience may find Prabhakaran’s intention marginally unconvincing, however it isn’t quite a bit of an issue.

There are momentary highs at places, their consistency and sustainability is a question left unanswered. Nevertheless, the way in which Karthikeyan solves the crime and finds the killer is engaging and enjoyable at the same time. Comparing this film with a murder, it has enough stuff to strangle a victim but doesn’t bother to check if he/she is dead. On the whole, the short run time of less than 2 hours, and the director showing us various perspectives of the same murder works really well

There are passing highs at spots, their consistency and maintainability is an question left unanswered. By the by, the manner by which Karthikeyan comprehends the wrongdoing and finds the killer is connecting with and pleasant in the meantime. Contrasting this film and a homicide, it has enough stuff to choke an unfortunate casualty yet doesn’t try to check in the event that he/she is dead. All in all, the short run time of under 2 hours, and the director showcasing different points of view of a similar murder works truly well.

Verdict: An Watchable attempt that keeps you engaged with twist-full & Edge Thriller

Kolaigaran Movie Rating:


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