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It is very apparent what Nayanthara is doing. She is unmistakably getting a charge out of this stage where she is the STAR and everything rotates around her. She absolutely has a nearness however what is really working is her selection of movies. A distinct difference to ‘Aramm,’ she joyously plays Kokila in this Nelson coordinated dim parody, a film that wears its irreverent state of mind like a symbol of respect.

Kolamavu Kokila begins a bit shakily. There are no false notes in that capacity yet it takes a while for the film to build up an associate. Nayanthara appears to be too deliberately mindful in these parts where she is playing somebody to a great degree honest. This kind of her remaining parts unblemished through the film however it works for the film later on, as her internal evil spirit begins to release itself. It is just as the character Kokila without anyone else is wearing a honest cover to misdirect individuals around her.

Nelson prevails with regards to composing fascinating and eccentric characters. The fixated darling with verbal looseness of the bowels and the dumb yet certain partner in crime are an uproar. The performing artists playing these two characters guarantee that the unpredictability is interpreted radiantly on screen. Yogi Babu, Saranya Ponvannan and Motta Rajendren too are in fine frame. Nelson unquestionably has a desire for humor and there are stretches of romping fun. In any case, this is likewise a film that takes body disgracing to an all extraordinary failure. One character because of physical appearance is alluded to as ‘unwashed latrine’, in what should be an endeavor to inspire giggling. To be completely forthright, such endeavors do succeed , passing by a sizeable segment of the group of onlookers who appear in no state of mind to try and comprehend the repercussions of body disgracing.

The film may be a drama however it is constantly careful in impelling ‘Nayanthara the star’, capably supported by Anirudh’s score that plays to the exhibition as she strolls in slomo. For a film that is about an apparently honest hero taking things on her hand, she appears to have everything too simple. She should be in a do or pass on fight yet the strain is completely missing as at whatever point she is gotten on the back foot, it scarcely pauses for a moment for her to set things right. The creators most likely needed to exchange the strain for chuckling. In any case, doesn’t that draw back the quintessence of a dark comic drama? An all the more even wait-and-see game is the thing that this film needed.  Thankfully, regardless of the star driven mode in which the film works it never goes over the edge anytime as for glorification of its star.

It is very delighting to see a fun film and that too a dim drama with a female hero. The film endeavors to turn around the possibility of ladies being the easygoing sex. In excess of one circumstance in the film, the ladies are appeared as more solidified and willing to say farewell to their feelings while the men really reconsider before pulling the trigger of their guns.

Kolamavu Kokila is a simple watch with a solid measurement of laughter. 

Rating : 3/5