Meesaya Murukku Movie Review – Inspiring and Engrossing! Could’ve been better with a version made after decade

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Direction : Hiphop Tamizha
Production : Avni Cinemax (Sundar C)
Starring : Hiphop Tamizha, Vivek, Aathmika
Music : Hiphop Tamizha
Cinematography : U. K. Senthil Kumar, Kiruthi Vasan
Editing : Fenny Oliver

From the most celebrated musical icon – Hip Hop Aadhi comes ‘Meesaya Murukku’, which marks his debut as a director and actor. He has composed music, written lyrics and dialogues for this film, which stars Vivek, RJ Vignesh, Aatmika and many familiar faces of YouTube channels too.


Hip Hop Tamizha plays an engineering graduate, who wants to run by his passion of becoming a successful musician. He embarks on his journey from Coimbatore to Chennai with these earnest desires, but eventually gets dashed down with hopes on many several circumstances. Adding more to his pitiable situation is losing out his girlfriend (Aatmika) due to caste issues. With his final decision to come back Coimbatore in respect to his father (Vivek) condition, a fortunate moment occurs to change his life forever.


Being the current sensation and inspiring icon for the youngsters in Tamil Nadu, Hip Hop Tamizha holds a prominent status for being one among the rarest musical icons to have won the hearts of millions with his independent music. Albeit the fact that it’s too early for a semi-biographical movie (Might be a fact that someone to spin business on his behalf would have kindled him), it remains close to heart for youth audiences. Well, what a mature audience would feel is the fact that this should have been a movie from Hip Hop Tamizha, maybe after a decade for his success graph and musical accomplishment would have furthermore added up to the celluloid.

Getting on with the narrative part, there are lots of fictional strokes included to make sure that it doesn’t turn out to be a Docu-Drama. The first half has its momentum of bestowing audiences with lively moments that involves fun and frolic. But as it transmits drama into the second hour, there seems to be a slightest pinch of drop down in momentum. The scenes involving the emotional breakouts of Hip Hop Tamizha sends forth an impeccable beam of moistening eyes among us in places, but with the promisingly inspiring end, it sends a gush of invigorations.

With the technical aspects, the musical score by Hip Hop Tamizha lets us wonder why he couldn’t afford to pump up similar paradigm of spell for some of his supposedly erstwhile mediocre films. This is really best out of his entire career till the date. Cinematography pulls off with some significant shots and editing should have been put up yet more intact to make the screenplay yet more engaging.


Hip Hop Tamizha having been used to his screen presence in musical videos helps him to stand out to be a confident performance. Since it happens to be his semi-biographical film, we don’t get to see anything on the eclipsing part. Aatmika has to be appreciated with her nuance spell of emoting well to the situations. She is sure to obtain best offers ahead of time. After a long time, we get to see Vivek in a much promising role. The scenes, where he just brings out his emotional inspirations is just beyond his usual limits. He can definitely keeps his racks at home cleared up for some awards might fill them along with more nominations too. Vignesh essaying the role of Aadhi’s real life friend Jeeva gives a naturalistic show and others in the cast including Sarah, Malavika and Gaja Raj have done their portions rightfully.

What works?

1. Screen presence and songs of Aadhi.

2. Lightly engaging screenplay

3. Technical aspects

What doesn’t work?

1. A mediocre climax

2. Background score in few places

Overall, Meesaya Murukku turns to be intriguingly inspiring for the youth audiences, who adore Hip Hop Tamizha. When it comes to analysing it on the critical aspect, there are few diminishing elements, but it doesn’t occur to be too noticeable for the narration is passably good.

Verdict: Inspiring and Engrossing! Could’ve been better with a version made after decade…

Rating : 5/10

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