NGK Movie Review – Suriya – Selvaraghavan-Sai Pallavi-Rakul preet singh

NGK Movie Review - Suriya - Selvaraghavan-Sai Pallavi-rakulpreet singh
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NGK Movie Core Analysis:

NGK is about the Common character of Nandha Gopala Kumaran, a socially concerned citizen who loves his people and country.
When he felt that he can make things happen only when he’s in politics with power, he decides to take his dive. He enters politics as a party small member and there, he starts the journey of NGK. How NGK’s life will turns upside down and drastically changes after entering politics forms the rest of the movie.

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Director Selvarghavan’s tocuhes are may be visble at customary intervals, however, overall, it doesn’t feel like the Selva’s film that you would be watching. Selvaraghavan has conveyed a business standard film, which is something new from him. This film is something which is out from his comfort zone, and as Suriya says in the film, “Kathukkren”, it feels like Selva tells to the group of audiences that he will gain proficiency with the specialty of film with each film.

The treatment is standard and the screenplay is for the most part unsurprising. The most recent twenty minutes of the film, particularly the peak, looked rushed as you see a ton of things occur inside a brief time frame. The center reason for this story is little bit unclear and there are many slacks in the second half which could have been carefully chopped off. The emotions aren’t sufficiently able to make a significant political dramatization.

Suriya sparkles as Nandha Gopala Kumaran, and you will get the opportunity to see a totally extraordinary Suriya in this film. Chief Selvaraghavan has separated some extraordinary work from the potential on-screen character. The changes with his exhibition and the subtleties in the character is carved out impeccably. Suriya is totally agreeable in this film, however his character confuses you as his motivation isn’t obviously passed on. He is somewhere down in contemplations in a scene, all of a sudden demonstrations ordinary, the exceptionally one second from now, and winds up flighty at a spot. The thinking behind that isn’t appropriately passed on.

Sai Pallavi unquestionably merits a commendation for the job she’s played and the presentation that she completed. She makes a noteworthy imprint with two scenes, one while cross examining Suriya about Rakul, and another, while sincerely separating to her relative. Sai Pallavi is setting down deep roots.

Sai Pallavi definitely deserves an applause for the role she’s played and the performance that she carried out. She makes a major mark with two scenes, one while interrogating Suriya about Rakul, and another one, while emotionally breaking down to her mother in law. Sai Pallavi is here to stay.

Rakul Preet Singh is amazing to a degree, however her job, doesn’t emerge or appear to be paramount as like other ladies characters made by Selvaraghavan. Ishwarya Baaskar’s naming suits Rakul’s character and it has the style the character possesses. Sai Pallavi is similarly noteworthy with her own naming too. Veterans like Ilavarasu, Bala Singh carry their skill with their demonstration. Ponvannan, Vela Ramamoorthy, and Thalaivaasal Vijay are totally squandered with a job of no substance and not very many discoursed. The exhibitions of the lead entertainers are top class, particularly, Suriya and Sai Pallavi scoring the best out of the parcel.

On the technical side, Yuvan Shankar Raja’s melodies don’t loan the assistance except one song, but, the bgm score inspires and holds the film in style. The ace musician understand the need of the scene and conveys properly. Sivakumar Vijayan is a promising find for Selvaraghavan and the youthful cinematographer has got great preference for colours. The blend of different tones mix conveniently with the state of mind of the film. The compositions look slick and appropriately framed. Praveen KL’s altering is conflicting at spots and as said before, many scenes were never required and it could’ve been cut off.

Had it been there , it would have certainly inspired the general understanding of the film. More or less, NGK is a business political dramatization that has some incredible exhibitions, yet needs fulfillment overall. On the off chance that one would need to know whether this will be a paramount and an effective Selvaraghavan film, it would be a far from being obviously true inquiry without a doubt.

VERDICT – NGK has some superb performances, yet that by itself can’t hold the whole film!
RATING 2.5/5

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