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Direction : Feroz
Production : Tea Time Talks Production
Starring : Krishna, Anandhi, Aathma Patrick
Music : R. H. Vikram
Cinematography : Aravind
Editing : Prabaahar

The film Pandigai is directed by debutant Feroz and is produced by his wife-actress Vijayalakshmi featuring Kreshna and Anandhi in lead roles with Saravanan, Madhusudhan, Nithin Satya, Karunaas and Black Pandi in important roles.


Not satisfied with his current job, helpless Kreshna aspiring to fly abroad for settling with a perfect one. But then, he is left handicapped with no one on his aid. Then is Saravanan, who has lost his fortune and money on betting. With their needs remaining bigger and unachieved, their lives take a turn when they bounce upon each other through illegal fight club under the name ‘Pandigai’.


A unique concept that strongly sounds and proves to be exceptional over the themes that we have been witnessing in Tamil cinema till the date… Special kudos to the director for this earnest attempt and his rigid focus on realizing that the script needs strong technical support.. Be it background, cinematography or racy cuts (special credits to editor Praveen), they’re significantly at its best.

The commutation of screenplay looks promising by the first half, where the action sequences are stunningly projected and the characterizations get sketched perfectly, except for few artificial ones like Nithin Satya and Anandhi, but then, rest of them are fine. But then, the maturity and sense of wizardry over the directorial skills of Feroz suddenly goes missing by the second hour, where the heist drama looks more of an amateur drama, which ends with a predictable climax.

Why project a heroine with yet another shade of Bommarillu Genelia? We’ve already seen many time such instances and Feroz could have easily brought in a stronger characterization for the female lead, which would definitely have helped the film get powerful.


Kreshna strives to make use of his role in a much greater magnitude. He is completely brimmed up with high energy and enthusiasm, especially in stunt sequences. Even the sequences involving him and Anandhi unleash his cute performance. Well, for Anandhi, the girl can really make it bigger with yet more powerful roles, but then, this one doesn’t add up anything on escalating her career graph. Saravanan brings up naturalistic performance. Madhusudhan albeit projected in a stereotypical goon role offers a commendable show. Karunaas with a cameo scores brownie points. Black Pandi looks absurd and his role is completely odd. Nithin Satya is seen exaggerated with an inappropriate role.

What works?

1. Gripping first half
2. Technical Department

What doesn’t work?

1. Heroine characterization and episodes involving her.
2. Songs in second half

An earnest attempt by first timer Feroz to try something different and he accomplishes it, but with some diminishing aspects in narrative style. If he had managed to bridge the gap between the first two hours along with deletion of songs in second half, it would have been a real engaging thriller.


Rating: 5.5/10