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Production: Shree Raaja Lakshmi Films
Cast:  Mammootty, Anjali, Sadhana
Direction: Ram
Screenplay: Ram
Story: Ram
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Na Muthukumar
Background score: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Editing: Sreekar Prasad
Cinematography: Theni Eswar


We all would have come across those people in our lives. Those who find it difficult to walk across the road. Those who are find it difficult to pick up something that has fallen on the floor. Those people, who cannot do things we do. Those people face a lot of such problems every day in their life.

Mind it, the issues are not a direct result of their bodies. They realize how to utilize their bodies productively, and have come to acknowledgment with the way that they are diversely abled. It is a direct result of us, the advantaged segment of the general public, always passing judgment on them for something they are not in charge of.

Smash’s Peranbu is a practical interpretation of the lives of these people in the general public, who need only acknowledgment. What’s more, what a way has he found to reveal to us the narrative of Paapa, a young lady who is spastic. She is defective, similar to each other human on the planet, however we as a whole label her with the term ‘crippled.’

The term incapacity is actually used to call an individual can’t accomplish something. Yet, she does things that other simple humans can’t do, and that is influencing a kindred human to comprehend the other individual’s needs, progress toward becoming non-judgmental and increasingly others conscious.

Paapa is the portrayal of the incapacitated network, while Amudhavan speaks to the ‘typical’ human, played by Megastar Mammootty with most extreme nuance, shedding the megastar label going before his name. The film accomplishes more to the on-screen characters than what they do to it.

Peranbu winds up as Ram’s ideal and most point by point work till date. He has taken up an introduce that not many movies have taken, and has dug profound into it. I think about whether Tamil Cinema has ever had a story that talks about the sexuality, and sexual existence of a distinctively abled individual, in this way making it extremely remarkable. Then again, Ram likewise demonstrates the opposite side of a similar coin, featuring the challenges that an overseer experiences in bringing up a contrastingly abled tyke.

On the specialized front, Theni Easwar’s casings inhale into life and make us a piece of the scene, which is required for a film this way. Yuvan’s score supplements the scenes truly well and enhances the film. Kumar Gangappan’s craft course merits an uncommon notice, particularly in view of his eye to detail.

Another wonderful normal for this film is that every single character has imperfections, which is the reason everything looks sensible. We can certainly say, Ram lives in our reality since that is the means by which he has portrayed individuals. You don’t have somebody doing over-the-top things, and you don’t have somebody who is ‘The Villain’. He portrays the general public overall, and leaves the rest to us, to recognize where we stand.

One can call this film absolutely enchantment, for it will make you think who is incapacitated, and who is ordinary. Is it the impaired young lady, who brings us into her reality, making us sympathizing with her, and creating us into better people? Or then again is it the ‘ordinary’ us, who think she is impaired, and take a gander at her with appall or compassion?

Through a film as solid as Peranbu, Ram reveals to us that the distinctively abled network needn’t bother with our compassion to endure. He needs us to understand that they are as typical as anybody. They have their own needs that can be accomplished through adoration and love between people. Regardless of whether Peranbu does not fulfill you, it will transform you as a human, will remind how skilled our lives are, which makes this a film that must be gotten with Peranbu.

Rating: 3.75/5