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Star Cast :

Vikram Prabhu, Hansika, Vela Ramamoorthy, MS Baskar

Thuppakki Munai Movie Core :

 An encounter specialist is given an extraordinary situation when he is appointed to execute a criminal who may or might not have perpetrated a wrongdoing.

Thuppakki Munai Movie Analysis :

Vikram Prabhu inspires us by playing a straightforward, furious young fellow, an encounter specialist Birla Bose in Thuppakki Munai. The movie’s executive Dinesh Selvaraj has additionally passed on a pertinent social message on tyke misuse and sexual abuse against ladies.

He takes pride in his kill count, but to his mother, a doctor, all that they mean are “sattai ellaam rathakkarai veedellaam pona naatham”. He doesn’t even regret his attitude towards criminals when his mother and his girlfriend, Mythili (Hansika, whose lip-sync continues to be terrible, even after all these years) chose to leave him.

Dinesh Selvaraj’s Thuppakki Munai is a significant difference to his introduction film, Naalu Peruku Nallathuna Ethuvum Thappilla. While that took a gander at crooks without being judgemental, this one plainly adheres to a meaningful boundary with regards to profound quality and equity. We realize that the instance of Azad will change Bose, and for a long time, the film maintains the interest around him. After a constrained introduction, the film’s genuine set-up keeps us locked in. We learn of smoke screens and a genuine risk to Bose himself! And after that there is the passionate change of a dad of a young lady.

The plot and the conditions are unoriginal and gives you a feeling of history repeating itself, yet it is the smooth bundling and introduction that makes Thuppakki Munai an immersing watch. With the exception of the constrained sentimental scenes before all else and the long winded discoursed of MS Baskar in the peak, the director has possessed the capacity to introduce an edge-of-the-situate spine chiller.

The greatest preferred standpoint is that the movie doesn’t have any two part harmonies or melodies to divert you and executive Dinesh Selvaraj’s screenplay is great. There is a Mani Ratnam contact (Dinesh is a recent partner of Mani Ratnam) in the takings particularly the best point shots and introduction. The Rameshwaram areas and the rich generation esteems captures you.

Execution shrewd, Vikram Prabhu sparkles as the experience authority. There is no undesirable courage and it’s great to see him tolerating such content driven characters. His salt ‘n’ pepper look and serious eyes are a noteworthy in addition to. Hansika doesn’t have much extension to perform here and is there in couple of scenes yet is persuading and looks stunning. Vela Ramamoorthy is threatening and MS Baskar has indeed demonstrated his adaptability. Mirchi Sha as Azad is a decent find.


Actually L.V Muthu Ganesh’s experience score and Anbariv’s tricks are amazing for an activity spine chiller. By and large, Thuppakki Munai is a watchable activity spine chiller. Watch it for Vikram Prabhu and the socially pertinent message passed on in the peak.

Rating: 3/5