Watchman Movie Review – GV prakash – AL Vijay

Watchman Movie Review - GV prakash - AL Vijay
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Watchman is director AL Vijay’s first attempt with actor GV Prakash, In Fact Vijay worked with GV as a music composer many times. With an interesting premise and an wonderful amazing pet, has director AL Vijay managed to give a good watch?

Watchman Movie Core:

A Story of an financially struggling youngster trying to theft a bungalow and the problems that arise with it. Told in a non linear way, the screenplay manages to garner the interest of audience till the climax special thanks to the dog Bruno!

Watchman Movie Analysis :

Director Vijay cleverly moves into the story from the first frame without any unneeded elements. GV Prakash plays a character based role & give out a good performance. Suman is impressive while it is the dog Bruno that outscores all characters especially in 2nd half!

Camera work by Nirav Shah and Saravanan is too good in various single shot sequences capturing the night mode well enough engaging. Editor Antony’s cuts made way for a short and crisp thriller. Good Stunt choreography. BGM is good but felt it very repetitive at some places

The movie dragged little bit in mid of second half despite being short time. Also the running time of 95 mins is too less for a regular moviegoers. Overall the movie serves you gud if you are looking for a thriller packed with few tensed moments. DECENT

Rating: 2.75/5

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