11 Films Release in this week

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In the past few months, only a few films have been released and 11 films have been released this week.

The number of theaters in Tamil Nadu has been declining and there are fewer than 1000 theaters. It is difficult to get theaters with a maximum of 3 films per week.
 In this scenario 11 films are released this week.
Already last few weeks ago, Kadaikutti singam and the Tamil Padam 2 are running successfully in theaters. This week, Vijay Sethupathi's Junga and Trisha's Mohini are screened in several theaters.
For the this week we have Ghajinikant, Maniyaar's Kudumbam, Kaatupaya sir intha kaali, Enga kaatula mazhai, Azhagu magan, Poya, Arali, Kadikara manithargal, Uppu Puli kaaram,
Nadodi kanavu, Kadal kuthiraikal. The next week, Kamal Haasan's Viswaroopam 2 is due for release.

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