Bigil Movie Review Directed by Atlee Starring Thalapathy Vijay Nayanthara
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Bigil Movie Content & video Review Plus Public opinion

Starring: Vijay, Nayanthara, Jackie Shroff, Kathir, Indhuja, Yogi Babu, Anandraj, Reba Monica John, Amritha Aiyer

Director: Atlee kumar
Produced by: AGS Entertainment
Cinematography : G. K. Vishnu
Edited by: Ruben
Music Director: Ar Rahman
Genre: Sports oriented Action film
Budget: 140 crores
Run hours: 2h 59ms

Core Story

: A gud don needs his footballer child to inspire the life of his kin by turning into a hero, however destiny brings the adolescent into an existence of savagery. Will he have the option to satisfy his dad’s fantasy when an open door comes his direction seven years after the fact?

Movie review


Bigil is, ideally, an indication of what might be on the horizon. Alongside Nerkonda Paarvai, it shows the route forward for our top stars – Mass heroes. What’s more, that is to star in content that suits their overwhelming persona while simultaneously doesn’t settle on the narrating.

In Bigil, Vijay plays as Michael Rayappan, a football player who needed to surrender his energy because of individual tragedy that is the result of the violence that surrounds his life. Furthermore, this equivalent brutality offers him an opportunity to recover his life on track, when his companion (Kathir), the mentor of a ladies’ football crew, is appallingly harmed. Michael otherwise known as Bigil needs to take on the mentor’s job so the fantasies of the players, every one of whom are from the oppressed class of the general public, and above all, that of his dad Rayappan (Vijay, once more), a do-gooder wear who considered games to be a methods for social upliftment, work out as expected.

In spite of the fact that it feels uneven, particularly in the principal half, when Atlee battles a piece to offset the mass components with the drama, Bigil turns out to be all the more sure-footed as it goes, and demonstrates to be a drawing in performer. There are scenes, similar to the one set in a police headquarters, that play to the display and fulfill the fans. The segments including Nayanthara, who plays Bigil’s love intrigue Angel, are fun, and the references to other Vijay hits are pleasantly done. Vijay is brilliantly great in these bits, utilizing his comic planning and swag to extraordinary impact. His exhibition as Rayappan, with a gruffy voice and stammer, feels somewhat constrained, however he compensates for it in a scene set in a railroad station that is very moving.

The sports movie must-haves – a team in disarray, the cold shouldering of the new coach, his attempt to gain their respect, the antagonist (here, it is Jackie Shroff, as JK Sharma, a upper class businessman), the on-field drama, and AR Rahman’s anthemic score – ensure that the second half feels like a breeze compared to the laboured first half. The girls who form the players in the football team – Indhuja, Reba, Amrita, Indraja and Varsha – get their moments, and do well, though their characters lack depth. But that is the case with the film as well. Like the director’s previous films, Bigil, too, lacks depth. And it is overlong. But the calculated attempt to turn the film into a women empowerment saga works. Even if the film reinforces the male saviour complex, you feel glad when a female character, an acid attack survivor, gets the loudest cheer.

The sports film must have – a group in disorder, the cold shouldering of the new mentor, his attempt to gain respect, the villain’s(Jackie Shroff, as JK Sharma, a high society business man), on-field drama, and AR Rahman’s uplifting score – guarantee that the subsequent half feels like a breeze contrasted with the laboured first half. The young girls who structure the players in the football crew – Indhuja, Reba, Amrita, Indraja and Varsha – get their moments, and progress nicely, however their characters lack some depth. Like the Atlee’s past films, Bigil, as well, lacks depth. Furthermore, it is overlong. Be that as it may, the determined endeavor to transform the film into a women empowerment adventure works. Regardless of whether the film strengthens the male deliverer complex, you feel happy when a female character, an acid attack person, gets the most intense cheer.


In spite of the fact that it needs some depth in the story and is overlong, Bigil demonstrates to be a engaging entertainer



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