Kaithi Movie Review Starring Karthi Narain directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj
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Kaithi Movie Content & video Review Plus Public opinion

Starring: Karthi, Narain, Dheena, Yogi Babu, Thalaivasal Vijay, Ponvannan

Directed by: Lokesh Kanagaraj
Produced by: S.R. Prabhu Dream Warrior Pictures
Cinematography by : Sathyan Sooryan
Edited by: Philomin Raj
Music by: Sam C. S.
Action choreography : Anbariv
Genre: Action Thriller film
Run hours: 147 minutes

Core Story:

A prisoner came out from parole, who’s en route to meet his daughter, is been saved by a harmed to secure a couple of cops. With the whole part of criminals in the spot after them, can the prisoner make all the difference?. Watch out for the movie in theaters. Check out the detailed review of this movie below.

Movie review:

Kaithi starts with a wonderfully efficient setup. A group of cops, headed by bejay as Narain, has appropriated a record measure of cocaine, which is in a secret cell under the official’s office. Drug mafia group figures out how to put pretty much every cop in the spot under sedation by spiking their beverages. The injured Bejoy, needs to enroll Dilli, a real existence term prisoner who has recently ventured out of prison on parole and is wanting to at last meet the little daughter he has never observed, to spare the circumstance. Meanwhile, a few of college students wind up stranded in the official’s office with a line constable for organization, and keep the criminals from breaking in and saving their chief.

Director Lokesh Kanagaraj gives every one of us this in the initial 20 minutes of Kaithi, a strained, impressively shot (Cinematographer Sathyan Sooryan) action thriller. Movie revolves around the story and keeps engaging audience with edge seat thriller especially without a heroine. We can’t see much of this movies like in Tamil cinema without songs and romance, but captain of the ship uses the content ver well, Even though we get two hours of action scenes, we hardly feel exhausted. Like in a computer games, the protagonist Dilli (karthi) has to cross challenges of varying difficulty as he transports the cops to safety. The way that the whole film occurs in the night gives it as a remarkable flavor, as we are uncertain what risk sneaks in unimportant.

If there is a fault, it is that the film feels overlong for its genre, with a couple of action blocks getting over-indulgent. But when it is action that we have signed up for, we cannot complain much about that.

The casting performances are strong all around. Karthi Perfectly apt for the role and he’s carrying the movie with his shoulders along with the good content by the director. Narain loans the perfect measure of vulnerability, Dheena, as the hapless youthful lorry proprietor, includes a few snapshots of levity.

Already, we have seen karthi in some rural based films, he gets to his right in action & sentiment scenes. Cinematography is awesome even this movie is shot in night. Background is gound according to the movie scenes well connected.

If we need to indentify some fault in this movie, we can say it’s length with a couple of action sequences getting over-liberal that doesn’t cost much since the movie is set as edge of the action thriller.


Very much worth, Outstanding in every department – Go for it for this diwali and enjoy the ride…





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