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Director: Mohammed Isaack

Cast: Aari, Ashna Zaveri, Athulya, Kaali Venkat, Sithara, Latha


Nagesh Thiraiyarangam starts with a disclaimer following the High Court’s heading: The film did not depend on the late incredible on-screen character Nagesh or his performance center by the name. It is only a work of fiction.

NT joins the considerable rundown of blood and gore movies, which is craze in Tamil film. In any case, rather than the worn out method for the story revealing in a spooky cabin or a broken down chateau, chief Mohammed Isaack has picked a theater, which shapes the adda of an apparition.

Nagesh (Aari) is unsuccessful in his home business calling. He lives with his mother (Sithara), sibling and sister (Athulya) who is a quiet. He is hysterically hunting down work futile. Then, he meets a pretty young lady (Ashna Zaveri) and succumbs to her. When he comes to know about his sister’s relationship, he sends his mom to examine it with the kid’s folks. In spite of the fact that they concur for the marriage, there is a glitch in it. They request a tremendous share from Nagesh. Presently, Nagesh must choose the option to offer his old property Nagesh Thiraiyarangam possessed by his family, yet little does he understand that a phantom frequents the betrayed theater and is holding up to render retribution on her depreciators. Also, whomsoever wanders into it will die. How Nagesh with his companions beat the snags frames the rest.

Aari as normal is normal in his execution and conveys his best. Ashna is the standard courageous woman who adds to the glitz remainder. Thoug Kaali Venkat’s shenanigans and comic act is a bit hackneyed, by the by, he figures out how to stimulate the interesting bones. Athulya Ravi is just about satisfactory in spite of given a substantial part. The principal half is filled with platitudes, post recess the pace gets and it has its minutes. The chief has touched upon a pertinent social message also.

In fact, Naushad’s cinematography and Srikanth Deva’s rerecording (however somewhat uproarious) run well with the subject of the film. In any case, melody situation could have had some thinking ahead. CG work too needs change. Had the executive focused on the tight screenplay and altered the undesirable parts, the film, which had all the potential, would have turned into a considerable blood and gore movie. Presently, it can be appreciated just in parts!

Rating: 2.75/5

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