Nerkonda Paarvai Movie Review Starring Ajith kumar Shraddha Srinath director H vinoth

Nerkonda Paarvai Movie Review Starring Ajith kumar Shraddha Srinath director H vinoth
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Starring: Ajith Kumar, Shraddha Srinath, Abhirami Venkatachalam, Andrea Tariang, Arjun Chidambaram, Adhik Ravichandran, Ashwin Rao, Sujith Shankar, Rangaraj Pandey, Delhi Ganesh, Jeya Prakash, D. Ramachandran, Dinesh P Nair, Kodhanda Raman, Kalpana Sri, Kumara Gurubharan & Mai.Pa. Narayanan

Guest Appearance: Vidya Balan & Kalki Koechlin

Director: H. Vinoth
Produced by Boney Kapoor
DOP: Nirav Shah
Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Art Director: K. Kadhir

Core Story: A Lawyer who came to his normal life by preventing three girls from the serious issue which cannot be explained in general. More Importantly this movie reveals the much-needed social message about women’s safety .

A bipolar attorney with a tormented past helps three ladies who are badgering after a rough occurrence. At the point when a young lady says NO, it implies a reasonable NO; she could be anybody, your better half, sweetheart or even a business sex laborer. This is actually the point which Ner Konda Paarvai (NKP) states. This is a begging to be proven wrong point that will shake up our inner voice and make us question on the off chance that we see its center issue with a receptive outlook or not. NKP will scrutinize the general public’s mentality which thinks young ladies with short hemlines and the individuals who appreciate a beverage with men are low on ethics.

It is a courageous choice by Ajith to have picked a content like this without considering his picture and fame. Ajith has attempted to satisfy the job in his own steps. After quite a while, he has a job to perform and he has done it so well particularly during the court scenes. His fitness is yet an issue and he isn’t persuading enough in the line battle scene in the film. Other than that he is superb.

One can’t need mass scenes to prove the movie as a box office success, he just came and acted wherever needed and emotionally connected with the character and give the best. This movie is one of the important movie in Ajith’s career.

However, he has adjusted the story from Pink, Vinoth has included NKP with a couple of business components for Ajith fans without disturbing the progression of the film. Perhaps, Vidya Balan’s part could have been set before the break on the grounds that the flashback is a slight misfortune to the progression of occasion. Other than that, every one of the characters and the feelings are all in propriety as in the first. H Vinoth does not go astray from the plot with stupid sub plots. Directly from the word go, he guarantees each scene grasps our heart and pulls us into self-assessment.

Shraddha Srinath gives the best performance of her acting career; her non-verbal communication, her muttering and scared looks, everything is flawless. NKP is populated with a lot of moderately unpracticed supporting cast who bring only the correct history to their jobs. Rangaraj Pandey is simply immaculate, a gutsy choice not to go with some known huge actors for this role. Regarding Yuvan Shankar Raja, this is another valuable expansion to his collection.

Overall, NKP is a consistently engaging melodrama which is modest in its aims and is effective in avoiding clichés when it comes to looking at modern Indian women. It is a hard movie to like if you are rigid with your traditional ideas but it’s an impossible one to ignore as well. If a content rich film like NKP with a strong relevant message taken up by an actor like Ajith emerges successful, it would be a lot of hope for all those directors who want to give quality content.

Generally speaking, NKP is a reliably captivating acting which is unobtrusive in its points and is successful in evading banalities with regards to taking a gander at current Indian ladies. It is a hard motion picture to like on the off chance that you are inflexible with your customary thoughts yet it’s an outlandish one to disregard too. In the event that a substance rich movie like NKP with a solid applicable message taken up by an on-screen character like Ajith rises fruitful, it would be a great deal of trust in every one of those executives who need to give quality substance.

Rating : 3.5/5

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