U Turn Movie Review – Samantha – Pawan kumar

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Reviewer’s Rating: 3.0/5

Story: A correspondent examining petty criminal offenses on a flyover ends up as the suspect of a murder examination. As she attempts to demonstrate her purity with the assistance of a cop, they reveal a progression of secretive passings.

Analysis: Mystery spine chillers frequently depend on its flightiness to keep the watchers at the edge of their seats. Frequently movie producers have a tendency to get so required with the manner in which they recount their accounts that they forget about the 10,000 foot view. In U Turn, chief Pawan Kumar focuses on everything about, miniscule it might be, however the pace of the film endures. What begins of as a connecting with film transforms into an anticipated, extended charge.

The film spins around Rachana (Samantha Akkineni), an Intern with the Times of India, who explores petty criminal offenses on RK Puram flyover, where a few drivers physically expel a divider to take a U-Turn on the flyover. Before she knows it, Rachana is grabbed by the police amidst the night and is blamed for kill. While the whole police constrain takes a gander at her as the prime suspect, officer Nayak (Aadi Pinisetty) trusts that she’s blameless and hears out. As they explore the case, they reveal a progression of puzzling passings of the individuals who had taken the U Turn on the flyover.

U Turn’s quality is standing out the story develops in the principal half. There’s a component of sudden stunning exhibition as the correspondent is grabbed far from her home and put in police headquarters. For some time, the movie producer keeps the gathering of people speculating with sudden turns and improvements in the examination.

Lamentably, the second half does not have the nibble of the film’s underlying bits and a promising spine chiller transforms into somewhat of a dreary. The most serious issue with U Turn is its consistency, as the executive uncovers his cards a bit too soon, and the peak appears to be excessively extended. Indeed, even a run time of 128 minutes appears to be too long.

There are such a large number of escape clauses to make it look authentic. For example, when Samantha, who plays a columnist, is gotten arbitrarily by the police, not once does she request her rights or for a legal counselor. She doesn’t call her wrongdoing journalist (Rahul Ravindran), her identity companions with. The police unmistakably doesn’t have enough confirmation to get her, not to mention confine her – but then, they figure out how to keep her medium-term.

The extraordinary component in the film is uncovered early and is too ludicrous to leave any effect on the watchers. It increases the value of the film, and at last, U Turn seems to be a basic story told in a greatly entangled way.

Samantha claims her character and is persuading as the terrified, youthful writer. She gets a substantial part and sinks her teeth into it. Aadi Pinisetty excessively awes as the delicate cop, while Rahul Ravindran doesn’t get much extension to sparkle.

Before the finish of watching U Turn, the main words on the gatherings of people’s psyches would be ‘divider’, ‘U Turn’ and ‘flyover’. They are rehashed again and again, just to ensure the gathering of people gets the point. Be that as it may, there’s dependably a danger of belittling the gathering of people. When you do that, regularly they simply take the U Turn back to their homes.

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