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Direction : Mysskin
Production : Vishal Film Factory
Starring : Vishal, Prasanna, Vinay, Anu Emmanuel, Andrea Jeremiah
Music : Arrol Corelli
Cinematography : Karthik Venkatraman

First tell us how close is Thupparivalan to Sherlock Holmes?

Director Mysskin might have been smug bitten by the world famous novel and TV series of Sherlock Holmes. But then, the film has nothing to do with the original series or the main characters. Vishal plays a detective and his close aid Prasanna is a cop accompanying him in unravelling mysteries. Maybe, this could be the faintest similarity that you might find or else, its nowhere the same.

Suspense-thrillers have a fast paced screenplay. Does Thupparivalan keep us on edge-of-seats?

Yes, even we thought the same and were really prepared to experience the edge-seated moments. But in contrast, such sequences are really missing here and only in couple of places we do find them. The problem is that there is nothing wrong with the basic plot, but Mysskin taking his usual route of presenting them with slow motions, stretched shots and heavy stringed background scores lets us forget what the real plot is all about. Too many characters like Bhagyaraj, Andrea Jeremiah and few more actors are used for no purpose.

How has Vishal as Mysskin’s actor performed here?

In this context, we have to really appreciate Mysskin and even Vishal. The actor has completely surrendered to the style of Mysskin and he refrains from his usual body language and mannerisms. Although, in some of places, he blatantly tries to replicate the fast and vigorous restless action of Sherlock Holmes character, it looks slightly odd to his nature.

The film has an ensemble star-cast of Vinay, Andrea, Anu Emmanuel, K Bhagyaraj and many others. How about their performances?

Even we were really engrossed with the star-cast and got curious to see what these actors have been doing here. But by the end of show, it’s nothing special about them. Simran appears in just couple of scenes and she is almost like a cameo. Prasanna is seen throughout the film with Vishal, but hasn’t been offered to do anything special, except the climax sequence. There is one particular scene before climax, where Prasanna runs faster than Vishal to save someone and that very earnest emotions showcase the depth of his characterization. Andrea Jeremiah is yet another cameo, where we see her in 4-5 sequences and she appears and disappears like a silent assassin with no purpose. Even Vinay too does nothing with his performance and we get to see him talk more than 3 lines only by the climax. Anu Emmanuel has been inserted into the film for the sake of having a heroine. She is in no way taking the story forward, except her final episode that gives a hint to Vishal. K Bhagyaraj much alike other actors remain mute throughout the film and finally disappears.

Mysskin usually follows wide angle, long shots with slow motions and upside down camera angles. Does he follow the same pattern here?

Yes, we have already mentioned this in our above references. But then, when compared to his previous movies, Mysskin has tried restricting himself from such stereotypical camera angles. But then every shot is too lengthy, which actually becomes a speed breaker for thrill moments.

Action sequences and stunts are told to be a major highlight in this film. Is it so?

Definitely, if you’re looking out for one best thing about the film, the complete series of stunt sequences are mind-boggling. In fact, this could be the first ever time, Vishal is performing such awe-inspiring action blocks in his career till now. Especially, the climax fight, which is short and crisp has been stunningly choreographed.

The makers have said there are no songs in the film. How has the background score worked out here?

It looks like ‘Violins and Strings’ happen to be the favourite piece of work for Mysskin and Arrol Corelli. Yet again, the original Sherlock Holmes TV series and films usually have the package of such instrumentals in the background score. Henceforth, a same kind of music has been regenerated here. Though it works in few places, it turns out to be dominating in many scenes.

Vishal movies have always been packaged with commercial elements like fun, romance, action and sentiments. Will the audiences who expect this regularly from Vishal get gratified with Thupparivalan?

This will be a different experience for them irrespective of what they like or don’t like. Vishal has shed down his usual image. In fact, he has trimmed his body mass to look slim. In fact, by the climax fight sequence, we get to see the rejuvenated Sandakozhi Vishal. Hope he retains a similar physique in future as well.

Is Thupparivalan a Vishal or Mysskin movie?

No doubt! This is an out and out Mysskin movie.

Rating : 5/10

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