Dev Tamil Official Trailer-Karthi-Rakul Preet Singh-Harris Jayaraj-Rajath Ravishankar
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Dev Movie Cast and Crew Info :

Actors: Karthi, Rakul Preet Singh, Prakash Raj, Ramya Krishnan
Genre: Thriller/Action
Release date: 14 February 2019 (India)
Director: Rajath Ravishankar
Music director: Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography: R. Velraj
Editor: Anthony L. Ruben
Production company: Prince Pictures

Dev Movie Core Analysis:

Dev, an youngster from a wealthy family, is an adventure searcher. At the point when his companion energetically endeavors to set him up with Meghna, a businessperson who possesses no energy for affection, Dev needs to set out on an adventure of another sort.

Dev Movie Review:

The word experience gets bandied about a ton in Rajath Ravishankar’s Dev. The hero, Dev (Karthi), we are told, is an experience searcher. Truth be told, he does only that. Not in any case the things that a 28-year-old may stress over. Like commonplace things like vocation, you know. Be that as it may, at that point, he can bear to be one, for his dad Ramalingam (Prakash Raj) is by all accounts an affluent man. At any rate from what small amount that we get the opportunity to see of him in the film’s more than over two hour run time.

Karthi fits perfectly in the cool and stylish urban guy character. Except for being out of track in few close up shots, the actor gives out a decent performance. Rakulpreet was okay while @RjVigneshkanth & Amrutha had good supporting roles

All in all, is Dev an undertaking film? Not by any means. There are two or three excursions and an Everest-climbing scene, however. Is it a sentimental film? No. Despite the fact that quite a bit of it rotates around the sentiment among Dev and (Meghna), who he chooses to go gaga for in the wake of seeing her pic on Facebook. A relationship dramatization? Nope, in spite of there being a family. Does that mean it is an activity film? All things considered, not in any manner, despite the fact that the trailer had a few tricks. In the event that you need to depict the film by one way or another, you could feel free to consider it a misfortune. For that is the thing that it is, from beginning to end.

It is where not a lot happens regardless of whether the scenes give you an impression of something happening constantly. It is where there are a bunch of characters, however doesn’t give them any reason at all. It is a film with performing artists like Prakash Raj and Ramya Krishnan, yet it treats them like props. It is a film with many tunes (by Harris Jayaraj), yet none that register. It is a film with beautiful areas, however with not one outwardly energizing shot. It’s a film that gives its characters a chance to wear in vogue ensembles and great cosmetics, however doesn’t give them any identity. It is a film with a great deal of discoursed, yet doesn’t give us one noteworthy line. It is a vibe decent film, yet it resorts to harming – and murdering – young ladies only for some fabricated show. It is a film that has Rakul Preet Singh as its courageous woman, however makes you need to not make reference to this reality by any means. It is a film featuring Karthi, however gives RJ Vignesh significantly more screen time. It is a film that needs you to go to the theater, yet makes you wish you could keep running towards the exit even before it is break.

Movie Rating: 2.25/5


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